Sterilis Solutions System for Veterinarians

Medical Waste Disposal Made Easy

The Sterilis Solutions system takes hazardous red bag waste, sharps containers, and PPE, and simply grinds them into a material that takes up a fraction of your vet office’s space. A switch to our point-of-care system immediately saves 80% of veterinary waste from going into our landfills.

Bloodborne Pathogens Risk Decreased

The Sterilis Solutions system eliminates multiple human touch points when dealing with potentially infectious animal waste and body fluids, meaning there’s less risk and increased employee safety. Used needles are also taken care of, lowering the risk of needle sticks.

Cost Effective Medical Waste Disposal

Now you no longer need to pay certified waste hauling/trucking companies to transport your medical waste to an incinerator. That means it won’t end up as toxic particles in the air.

What is the Sterilis Solutions System?

The Sterilis Solutions System is a new on-site, on-demand remediation device that turns regulated medical waste (RMW) into harmless confetti to be thrown safely in the municipal waste stream. It replaces haulers and incineration. It’s simple to use, reduces patient and employee risk, reduces regulatory liability, eliminates paper reporting, all in a cost effective way.

Learn how you can turn hazardous to harmless in a simple, safe and sustainable way!

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