The only device that remediates medical waste into sterile trash at point-of-care.

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The Sterilis Solutions Advantage

The Sterilis Solutions System is a new on-site, on-demand remediation device that turns regulated medical waste (RMW) into harmless confetti to be thrown safely in the regular trash. It replaces haulers and incineration. It’s simple to use, reduces patient and employee risk, reduces regulatory liability, eliminates paper reporting, all in a cost effective way

Supported Markets Served

FBO Airports

Clinical Labs

Long Term Acute Care Hospitals

Surgery Centers


Harm Reduction

Cannabis/Hemp Labs

Medical Facilities/Clinics

Dialysis Clinics

Fire Departments/EMS




Urgent Care

Nursing Homes

“It creates little waste compared to having to box it and send it out, and the cost is significantly less than what we were paying for our previous service. In fact, we have seen a significant cost reduction of about 25 percent.”

Wentworth Surgery Center, LLC

Sterilis Wins “Technology for a Better Tomorrow” Leadership Award from MassTLC

The Mass Technology Leadership Council has named Sterilis LLC. the winner of the “Technology for a Better Tomorrow” award at the 20th annual MassTLC Leadership Awards Gala.


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Sterilis can help your facility reduce costs, increase safety, security, and improve compliance in handling RMW


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