Dialysis Clinics

Sterilis Solutions System for Dialysis Clinics

Change Medical Waste Disposal Methods

Traditional disposal methods require employees to pack, label and store regulated medical waste until it’s picked up by a hauler. The Sterilis Solutions system eliminates multiple human touch points which means less risk and greater employee safety. 

We have seen demonstrated reduction in cost per treatment and it’s easy to implement a turnkey program.  

Simple Medical Waste Solution

The real genius of the Sterilis Solutions system is its simplicity. We combined a steam sterilizer and grinder into a single unit and then added cloud-based functionality for automating RMW log-in and batch data. 

About the size of a copier, the Sterilis Solutions system fits easily into your dialysis clinic. It’s as easy to use as a copier and requires minimal training.  It handles various forms of medical waste including dialyzers, sharps containers, red bags, contaminated PPE, and other protective materials.


Powerful Medical Waste Solution

Built with a powerful grinder designed to last, the Sterilis Solutions system requires no chemicals, no plumbing or drainage and emits no exhaust, so practical, proven technologies are combined into one solution. 

What is the Sterilis Solutions System?

The Sterilis Solutions System is a new on-site, on-demand remediation device that turns regulated medical waste (RMW) into harmless confetti to be thrown safely in the municipal waste stream. It replaces haulers and incineration. It’s simple to use, reduces patient and employee risk, reduces regulatory liability, eliminates paper reporting, all in a cost effective way.

Learn how you can turn hazardous to harmless in a simple, safe and sustainable way!

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