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Healthcare Brochure

Just because it’s out of sight doesn’t mean you’re out of danger. In this brochure, we dive into ways to keep your lab safe. 

Sterilis Sustainability Guide

Whatever happened to “first do no harm?” Learn from our team how you can take steps to be a more sustainable medical practice.

Sterilis Fact Finder

The only medical device that converts medical waste into solid, sterile trash at the point-of-care! Download this fact finder to lean more about the Sterilis System.

Needle Drop-Off Guide

The danger of needles are ever present in a laboratory environment. Find out how we recommend dropping off your needles in this free guide. 

Aviation Brochure

Learn about the point-of-collection international regulated garbage treatment system that meets APHIS Regulations.

Cannabis Flyer

The only device that renders cannabis waste into unusable and unrecognizable trash that can be thrown into the trash after processing. 

Dialysis Sell Sheet

Say goodbye to the high cost of having RMW hauled away: Sterilis Solutions steam sterilizes and grinds contaminated dialysis material at the point-of-care. Just throw it out with the regular trash.

Software Solutions Benefits

Learn how the Sterilis Solutions System provides real-time, runtime checks throughout each cycle that ensures only sterilized waste completes the process.

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