Sterilis Solutions System for Dental Office


Safely Handle Dental Facility Waste

About the size of a copier, the Sterilis Solutions system fits easily into your dental facility.  It handles regulated medical waste, including sharps containers, red bags, bandaging, gloves and other protective materials.

Cost Effective Waste Management Solution

 With conventional regulated medical waste disposal methods your costs go up and up and up. You have zero control over the ever-increasing costs. But with Sterilis Solutions, you can practice financial, as well as environmental, sustainability. No matter how much waste you generate, the cost remains fixed.

Why Use Sterilis Solutions System?

The system combines a steam sterilizer with a grinder, allowing regulated medical waste to be treated onsite in about 60 minutes. After which, it can be thrown out with the standard municipal waste stream. It is used in variety of settings including dental clinics, significantly cutting regulated medical waste volume by up to 80% and reducing toxic air pollution and carbon emissions.

Additionally, it uses cloud-based regulatory reporting technology, eliminating the need for handwritten reporting procedures, which is time and labor intensive.

What is the Sterilis Solutions System?

The Sterilis Solutions System is a new on-site, on-demand remediation device that turns regulated medical waste (RMW) into harmless confetti to be thrown safely in the municipal waste stream. It replaces haulers and incineration. It’s simple to use, reduces patient and employee risk, reduces regulatory liability, eliminates paper reporting, all in a cost effective way.

Learn how you can turn hazardous to harmless in a simple, safe and sustainable way!

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